Beckii & Ian – Pre-wedding shoot at Chorlton Water Park

I absolutely adore this couple! We got together a few months ago to do their pre-wedding shoot at Chorlton Water Park on what was a perfect summers day. The morning was spent wandering around the park, through the woods and the grasslands chatting about their upcoming wedding. They were an absolute pleasure to photograph and […]

The sun day times

Soon, the clocks change. What’s left of the daylight will be gone like a thief in the night…or in the early evening at least. Summer has gone, Autumn soon to follow. Jack Frost awaits with his icy breath, but honestly, I don’t mind one bit. The changing seasons reward us with dramatic landscapes and warming […]

A sheltered life

People always seem afraid of the rain, seeking shelter when the heavens open. Mother nature offers us a few solutions for keeping dry, but also shows us how life can flourish with a little bit of the wet stuff. Next time you’re caught without an umbrella, and you’ve got nowhere important to be, why not enjoy the moment […]