Snowed eh?

When it snows here, panic ensues. Roads grind to a halt, supermarkets sell out of essential supplies and people obsessively clear their driveways to make sure the snow doesn’t get them in their sleep. “What if we get snowed in?” they all ask. It could happen… Before I succumbed to mass hysteria, I ventured out […]

Apple of my eye

There was a fantastic mist today, driving towards the Valley we planned to visit, there was maybe 25 yards of visibility. I’m glad I wasn’t driving, although I was the one who was going to be photographed. One of my ambitions to develop as a photographer, was to become the subject and learn how it […]


I like trees. What’s not to like? They are the lungs of our planet. Like people, they’re so diverse and interesting. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Ever since climbing them, swinging from them and decorating them as a child, I’ve always enjoyed a good tree! They’re perfectly capable of decorating […]