Arise, Night

As a photographer, I love the light. It’s essential if I’m to take any photos. In the winter, there’s far less of it so it can be a frustration. All is not lost, as the fading light and even night-time itself can often bring opportunities. I’ve found myself working on into darkness, determined to get […]

Icy the stars

I’ve been suffering for my art this weekend. Out and about in the bitter cold, my hands both numb yet¬†excruciatingly¬†painful as I paw at my camera. As I stared through my lens at the enchanting ice crystal fingers overwhelming all around me, I began to feel a certain affinity with them. As the crisp, winter’s […]

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it

There are so many places I want to see. So many cultures and civilisations I want to experience. The whole world, if I could ever be so lucky. But everybody has a place they think of when people ask them about their home. For me, that place is Lake Rudyard. It’s a place I love […]