Any number of things

As I started to think about this, my 100th post, I thought about the other numbers that represent my life in photography…so far. 1 35mm film SLR camera. My Canon AE-1. My Genesis. 1 Medium Format film camera. My Mamiya RB67. My labour of love. 4 DSLR cameras. My Canons. My freedom of expression. 152 […]

Colourful context

Contrary to my last post, life is not always black and white or even different shades of grey. I find that life is enriched by a colourful assault on the senses. That’s why I love to travel and experience new things.When you arrive in a foreign land, you’re overwhelmed by different sights, smells and sounds. Pretending […]

The curious case of the human beings

Us humans can be so expressive. Some wear their heart on their sleeve, whilst others leave you guessing. Luckily, guessing is something we all like to do, as by our very nature we’re a curious bunch. It starts in childhood, where we want to know everything about everything…and everyone. I think that’s why I, and many others, […]