Night on the mountain – mist opportunity

Things don’t always go to plan as a photographer. I had decided to camp on Mount Snowdon for the night with a view to getting, well, a view. I read the weather report which advised it would be a clear night. Sunset, sunrise and the night sky awaited me. I was a visionary, what could possibly […]

Between a rock and a herd place

One evening this week, it seemed that the clouds might just be breaking up and letting the sun through. There was still the omnipresent threat of heavy rain, but I decided it was worth the risk and headed to a higher vantage point. Living so close to the Peak District has its advantages, and I was soon […]

Cloud Paintings

It’s been a colourful day. From tropical plants including the most outrageous purple I’ve ever seen (pictures to come later in the week), to the ebb and flow of different coloured clouds. It’s been unseasonably warm today, and the winter weather seems to be fighting back against the encroachment of spring. Bright blue sky and […]