About Me

I’m Morgan Rana and I’m a UK based wedding, lifestyle and travel photographer, also available for international assignments.

I have always been fascinated by pictures and the impact they can have. A single, still image can tell you so much about what’s going on. It gives you one moment in brilliant detail, and invites you to discover more, to want to know the story. What the viewer can’t see in the photo is as meaningful as what they can. The image is both the absolute truth and open to interpretation.
My passion for photography comes from wanting to capture the real and absolute truth, in an ethereal and beautiful way.

If you would like more information about my photography services, or would like to discuss using any of my images featured within this blog, just drop me an email and I would be happy to talk to you:



53 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the “Like.”

    Love your work, me personally, I do everything in my power to make sure there are no people in my photos. I’m in awe of people who do it so well.

  2. Incredible photo’s, they really stand out from others I’ve seen on wordpress. I’ve been attempting to move from landscape to lifestyle photography recently and I’ll definately be looking to your page for inspiration 🙂
    Check out my flickr feed if you’re interested in seeing more.
    Oh! And thanks for the like

  3. Hi Morgan 🙂 I just stopped by to thank you for your like on my post. You take amazing photos and I especially love your wedding photography. You’ve captured the love and fun of these couples! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Nice to know you a little bit better 🙂 Look forward to reading your posts in the future.


  5. As I mentioned in my response to your comment over on my blog, your work is amazing, and inspirational — so glad you left a comment on my blog, which lead me to your work.

  6. Your pictures are amazing. I think I’ve never seen better photos. Your Paris photos really touched me. I’ve been there before but looking at your pictures made me seeing Paris in a completely new light!

  7. You are Aweeeeeeesome!!!
    belive me beauty with the talent…….you have an amazing talent,you inspire he uninspired…..
    itz great,try something news,like a journal with pictures,i mean something to read along with your pieces of art 🙂

  8. Hello Morgan! Your photos are wonderful. You capture each moment so beautifully like treasures and keepsakes. I rarely shoot people but I think I may start to. Love your work… Very inspiring.


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