Summer Days ~ Portraits with Natalie

I have been busy this summer with lots of new work, this a portrait shoot I did with the lovely Natalie who runs her own business called Magpies Vintage, she has a passion for recycling old & forgotten vintage industrial furnishings & lighting. She willingly stepped in front of my camera and I am so happy she did! It was a perfect summers day spent taking beautiful pictures, couldn’t ask for anything better.

2013-06-02_002 2013-06-02_005 2013-06-02_006 2013-06-02_008 2013-06-02_009 2013-06-02_010 2013-06-02_011 2013-06-02_012 2013-06-02_013 2013-06-02_015 2013-06-02_017 2013-06-02_019 2013-06-02_020 2013-06-02_021 2013-06-02_022 2013-06-02_0242013-06-02_034 2013-06-02_025 2013-06-02_027 2013-06-02_029 2013-06-02_0362013-06-02_031 2013-06-02_033

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