Long time, no blog!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I have been having some issues accessing my blog but all is now resolved! I have been a busy bee in the time I have been gone and got lots of new work to show you. I have photographed some gorgeous weddings and have been doing a lot more portrait work and met some wonderful people along the way. Here is a little taster of what I have been up to and there will be lots of blog posts to follow in the near future.

2013-08-10_001 2013-08-10_002 2013-08-12_001 2013-08-13_001 2013-08-16_001 2013-08-23_0012013-07-07_001 2013-07-30_001 2013-08-04_001 2013-08-11_0502013-08-18_113 2013-08-18_1172013-06-02_016 2013-06-02_032

5 thoughts on “Long time, no blog!

  1. These are all lovely pictures! That was a great treat for me… I’ll certainly be back to see what else you come up with. I especially like the one of the girl in the blue dress, standing in the middle of the road. Cheers!

  2. I really love your photos and your style, I was just wondering do you just work with natural lighting or do you add in any light with flash or reflectors?

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