Getting an Eiffel

I love Paris. Having spent 6 days there a little over two weeks ago, I went overboard with the photography. The trouble is, everything is so pretty, or interesting, or cultural, or stylish…

It’s been a mammoth task sorting through my favourite photos, so I thought I’d start with some of the more colourful images from my trip. The weather wasn’t glorious and the sky was grey most of the time, but the city still effortlessly charmed me and showed why she’s the most romantic and stylish city on earth. Parisians look so suave. All of them. Even the old chap who fell down the steps in the bookstore and landed on me. He fell with aplomb. I, on the other hand, let out a little squeal and in no way handled the situation with sophistication.

The only problem now, is that I want to live there. Sure they charge €6 for a café crème and I realistically couldn’t survive on a diet of crêpe nutella and pain suisse, but I’m more than willing to try!

2013-04-10_254 2013-04-10_061 2013-04-08_054 2013-04-08_041 2013-04-08_057 2013-04-08_039 2013-04-08_027 2013-04-08_0292013-04-08_110 2013-04-10_074 2013-04-10_281 2013-04-10_233 2013-04-10_178 2013-04-08_0362013-04-10_229 2013-04-10_121 2013-04-10_118 2013-04-10_223 2013-04-10_144 2013-04-08_033 2013-04-08_019 2013-04-08_001 2013-04-08_009 2013-04-08_0102013-04-10_188 2013-04-10_187 2013-04-10_245 2013-04-08_109 2013-04-08_108 2013-04-08_105 2013-04-08_077 2013-04-08_0782013-04-10_256 2013-04-10_248 2013-04-10_237 2013-04-10_0652013-04-08_0502013-04-10_030 2013-04-08_089 2013-04-08_086 2013-04-10_040 2013-04-10_045 2013-04-08_048 2013-04-08_025 2013-04-08_051 2013-04-08_047 2013-04-08_0422013-04-10_274 2013-04-10_273 2013-04-10_197 2013-04-10_184 2013-04-10_138 2013-04-10_069 2013-04-10_059 2013-04-08_117 2013-04-08_076 2013-04-08_005 2013-04-08_0032013-04-08_0042013-04-08_074 2013-04-10_100 2013-04-10_114 2013-04-10_179 2013-04-10_175 2013-04-10_1742013-04-08_102 2013-04-08_097 2013-04-08_100 2013-04-10_080 2013-04-10_279 2013-04-10_2682013-04-08_021 2013-04-10_271 2013-04-10_258 2013-04-10_170 2013-04-10_167 2013-04-08_060 2013-04-08_008 2013-04-08_006 2013-04-08_007 2013-04-10_217 2013-04-10_169 2013-04-10_269 2013-04-08_072 2013-04-08_070

41 thoughts on “Getting an Eiffel

  1. I’m heading to Paris for the first time in my life in four weeks so thank you so much posting these. Can’t wait! 😀

  2. Having been to Paris (rushed though it may have been), I think you did it tremendous justice with these photos. You have a great eye, and I love how you incorporated the diversity of old Paris and new Paris. It goes from the Louvre, to a satirical graffiti with such ease and continuity. You’ve made me want to go back really badly. 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful set Morgan, well done. I love the tones of the early ones, they create a lovely wistfulness though not without a sense of springtime hope. The sense of depth and height with the Tour and some of the other internal spaces comes across really well. Sad to see there are people still aiming to mar the walls and lanterns of the Montmartre stairs; the graffito on the wall there wasn’t there this time last year when I was there.

  4. Amazing images Morgan. You have definitely captured the essence of winter/spring in Paris. I takes me back to my Parisien sojourn studying in this spectacular city a few years ago. It makes we want to go back! Thanks for the photographs.

  5. ooh la la…. your photos are tres’ magnifique’…. If Paris were a food I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really really lovely… I feel like booking a flight like right now… merci beacoup.

  6. Awesome photos, Morgan, as usual… You just made me want to go back to Paris ASAP… The city looks so incredibly pretty!!! I was wondering if you do sell prints of your pictures…

  7. I got hung up (in a fascinated sort of way) on your third sentence…“everything is so pretty, or interesting, or cultural, or stylish.”

    I have yet to meet anyone who has visited Paris who did not come away with a love of the city. Not sure if I’ve met extraordinary people, or what, but it’s an easy city to love. It keeps drawing me after 5 or 6 visits, and none has been long enough to suit me, even a few weeks at a time.

    But the pretty-ness, or interesting-ness, or cultural-ness, or stylish-ness — I wonder if all of those are quite a separate story. It’s hard to arrive in Paris with a blank slate. And most of us — specially most of us who create images — have been told how beautiful it is, how cultural, how stylish, how interesting — to the point of saturation. It’s easy to arrive pre-supposed to like it. As if, what kind of photographer/painter/artist am I if I can’t create wonderful images while I’m here.

    The more challenging part is not to create beautiful images, but to create images no one has ever created before…. now that’s hard. Paris has to be the most photographed city in the world. If it is not, I’d be surprised. This part of Paris — discovering something that I have seen which is unique — that’s not so easy.

    Lovely images.

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    Peter Pazucha dot Com
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