Getting there

I’ve just returned from a hectic trip to Paris, where I couldn’t seem to put my cameras down. I’ve been before but each time I return there’s just so much to explore. So whilst I get stuck in to developing my films and editing over 7000 photos, I thought I’d post about the other part of travelling…getting there.

We all travel huge distances these days, sometimes daily. It takes up an enormous part of our lives. It can be dull, tiring and all too familiar. Not always. Sometimes it’s exciting, scary, or even romantic. Sometimes we get to savour the moments and enjoy ourselves along the way. The anticipation of our journey’s end can make getting there just as much fun as arriving.

A selection of photos from St Pancras and a few Parisian travellers.

2013-03-30_001 2013-03-30_002 2013-03-30_003 2013-03-30_004 2013-03-30_005 2013-03-30_006 2013-03-30_008 2013-03-30_009 2013-03-30_010 2013-03-30_011 2013-03-30_0132013-03-30_012 2013-03-30_014 2013-03-30_015 2013-03-30_0162013-03-30_017 2013-03-30_023 2013-03-30_018 2013-03-30_019

And as for Paris, maybe a little peek…

2013-03-30_026 2013-03-30_021 2013-03-30_020 2013-03-30_027 2013-03-30_025 2013-03-30_024 2013-03-30_022 2013-03-30_028

19 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Wonderful photos. But you knew that, didn’t you? I think what struck me about them – this is going to sound odd – is the incredible color balance. All of them are vivid in a way that I usually associate with film. Great work. Ken

  2. Gorgeous photos, Morgan… When I manage to get my own place, I’d love to purchase one of your pictures and have it framed in my appartment… The Paris views look awesome 😉 Congrats!

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