Any number of things

As I started to think about this, my 100th post, I thought about the other numbers that represent my life in photography…so far.

1 35mm film SLR camera. My Canon AE-1. My Genesis.

1 Medium Format film camera. My Mamiya RB67. My labour of love.

4 DSLR cameras. My Canons. My freedom of expression.

152 Gigabytes. My Compact Flash. My remit.

6 Terabytes. My hard drives. My life’s work.

768 people. My followers. My muses.

355 likes. My Moroccan Roll. My masterpiece.

37,712 views. My audience. My appreciation.

∞. My ambition. My inspiration.

The numbers come together and define what goes in to my photography. They also define the very act of taking a photo. iso 400, f2.8, 1/250. They all play their part and without them the ability to create and share my work would not be possible.

When it comes to words, however, it’s a lot simpler. One thing that goes into all of my pictures. One thing that my pictures, in turn, represent. A symbiotic relationship for every photographer, writer, poet, film maker and musician. This is the fuel for their fire. It’s both the imagination and the realisation of their greatest masterpiece… life.

Behind all of the great works of art, lie the effort and the failings that in turn drive and inspire us to try again. We won’t always make it, and we’ll often make mistakes along the way. But that’s OK. A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing – George Bernard Shaw.

2013-03-17_0012013-03-17_019 2013-03-17_026 2013-03-17_035 2013-03-17_031 2013-03-17_030 2013-03-17_006 2013-03-17_008 2013-03-17_007 2013-03-17_009 2013-03-17_012 2013-03-17_004 2013-03-17_003 2013-03-17_016 2013-03-17_005 2013-03-17_023 2013-03-17_036 2013-03-17_032 2013-03-17_020 2013-03-17_033 2013-03-17_046 2013-03-17_043 2013-03-17_045 2013-03-17_017 2013-03-17_027 2013-03-17_024 2013-03-17_037 2013-03-17_034 2013-03-17_048 2013-03-17_063 2013-03-17_064 2013-03-17_013 2013-03-17_0102013-03-17_018 2013-03-17_014 2013-03-17_025 2013-03-17_015 2013-03-17_022 2013-03-17_0212013-03-17_051 2013-03-17_052 2013-03-17_028 2013-03-17_040 2013-03-17_062 2013-03-17_050 2013-03-17_039 2013-03-17_029 2013-03-17_061 2013-03-17_0472013-03-17_049 2013-03-17_056 2013-03-17_041 2013-03-17_053 2013-03-17_055 2013-03-17_058 2013-03-17_060 2013-03-17_057 2013-03-17_059 2013-03-17_042

15 thoughts on “Any number of things

  1. … and 4 seconds to breathe, in and out, and 8 days for a cut to heal, and a civilization usually lasts 400 years … and the loss of a true love, we never overcome that … this is life, and you’re blessed to make art that chronicles and shapes and renews it. i love your art. tony

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