Diverse city

I want to live in a city. The problem is, I can’t choose which one because they all have so much to offer. For now I’ll have to visit them each in turn. I’ll let them show me what they have to offer, why I should choose them.

It won’t be enough to wow me with their famous landmarks, their fantastic architecture and famous museums. I want to see their culture, diversity and regeneration. I want to see their character and their darkest secrets but still love them all the same. I want to feel like I know them well, yet still be surprised by them from time to time. I’ve had plenty of holiday romances, but now I’m looking for the real thing. Have you found that special someone? Your Seoul mate? Where would you live if you had the chance?

2013-02-16_001 2013-02-16_002 2013-02-16_003 2013-02-16_004 2013-02-16_005 2013-02-16_006 2013-02-16_007 2013-02-16_008 2013-02-16_009 2013-02-16_010 2013-02-16_011 2013-02-16_012 2013-02-16_013 2013-02-16_014 2013-02-16_015 2013-02-16_016 2013-02-16_017 2013-02-16_018 2013-02-16_019 2013-02-16_020 2013-02-16_021 2013-02-16_022 2013-02-16_023 2013-02-16_024 2013-02-16_025 2013-02-16_026 2013-02-16_027 2013-02-16_028 2013-02-16_029 2013-02-16_030 2013-02-16_032 2013-02-16_033 2013-02-16_034 2013-02-16_035 2013-02-16_036 2013-02-16_037 2013-02-16_038 2013-02-16_039 2013-02-16_040 2013-02-16_041 2013-02-16_042 2013-02-16_043 2013-02-16_044 2013-02-16_045 2013-02-16_046 2013-02-16_047 2013-02-16_048 2013-02-16_049 2013-02-16_050 2013-02-16_051 2013-02-16_052 2013-02-16_053 2013-02-16_054

18 thoughts on “Diverse city

  1. Love these Norgan, I love a bit of architecture πŸ™‚
    If I could choose I would like to try on San Francisco and Firenze. These are the two cities that captured my heart and I have been longing to go back ever since I first visited them.

  2. Wow, what a collection and so good to see so many views of iconic buildings and scenes from cities I recognise. Manchester is particularly showcased beautifully.
    I live in a field.

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