Thaw seasons

Having made it through the snow-induced frenzy that had gripped this small town, I woke up early to get some welcome sun after one final wintry flurry. On my walk I encountered yet more snow, which was beginning to bore me and my lens. I always wish it could snow, until I remember how inconvenient it is. Then I curse it and hope I never see it again.

Refreshingly, on my walk, the other seasons were on display too. Some golden, autumnal leaves glowing in the summer sunshine. Fresh-faced sheep frolicking in the spring air. It seems even mother nature had had enough of the cold times, and was defiantly showing what else she could do.

The snow started to melt, and the air began to warm. Once again, we could revel in the joys of walking on the pavement with dignity and grace. After a brief spell of sunshine, typical weather service was resumed. Rain. As I looked out at the drops running down the window pane, I began to think how nice it would be if it started to snow…

2013-01-27_001 2013-01-26_013 2013-01-27_002 2013-01-26_018 2013-01-26_014 2013-01-27_0032013-01-26_020 2013-01-26_022 2013-01-26_009 2013-01-26_003 2013-01-26_005 2013-01-26_006 2013-01-27_029 2013-01-27_004 2013-01-26_046 2013-01-26_073 2013-01-26_050 2013-01-26_058 2013-01-26_033 2013-01-27_0122013-01-26_008 2013-01-27_021 2013-01-26_007 2013-01-26_081 2013-01-26_068 2013-01-26_067 2013-01-26_047 2013-01-27_022 2013-01-26_048 2013-01-26_044 2013-01-26_036 2013-01-26_064 2013-01-26_077 2013-01-27_039 2013-01-27_033 2013-01-27_010 2013-01-27_0132013-01-27_007 2013-01-27_004 2013-01-27_035 2013-01-27_024 2013-01-26_083 2013-01-26_070 2013-01-26_062 2013-01-26_041 2013-01-26_040 2013-01-26_035 2013-01-26_033 2013-01-26_025 2013-01-26_023 2013-01-26_0452013-01-26_072 2013-01-26_044 2013-01-26_028 2013-01-26_057 2013-01-26_031 2013-01-26_053 2013-01-27_025 2013-01-27_016 2013-01-27_0362013-01-27_004 2013-01-27_039 2013-01-26_073 2013-01-26_075 2013-01-26_056 2013-01-26_049 2013-01-26_032 2013-01-26_030

3 thoughts on “Thaw seasons

  1. A beautiful set of winter photos. It appears you have received more snow than we’ve had this season here in Colorado. After awhile, snow does become like a guest that’s slow to leave.

    (Thank you for your visit and like on Snowy Blanket post. It’s much appreciated.)

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