Apple of my eye

There was a fantastic mist today, driving towards the Valley we planned to visit, there was maybe 25 yards of visibility. I’m glad I wasn’t driving, although I was the one who was going to be photographed. One of my ambitions to develop as a photographer, was to become the subject and learn how it feels when somebody is pointing a camera at you for hours on end.

Luckily, the person holding the camera was my husband (and shooting partner) so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Now I know how the lovely ladies feel when I’m photographing them. Of course, I couldn’t not take any photos myself and the woods we stumbled upon were fantastic. The apple represents another of my goals for this year, although this one’s a little small…

2013-01-06_002013-01-06_0012013-01-06_0022013-01-06_0032013-01-06_003b2013-01-06_003d2013-01-06_003e2013-01-06_004a2013-01-06_004b2013-01-06_004d2013-01-06_004e2013-01-06_005a2013-01-06_005b2013-01-06_005d2013-01-06_005d12013-01-06_005e2013-01-06_005g2013-01-06_005h2013-01-06_005i2013-01-06_005k2013-01-06_005l2013-01-06_005s2013-01-06_0062013-01-06_0072013-01-06_007a2013-01-06_0082013-01-06_0122013-01-06_0432013-01-06_0092013-01-06_011 2013-01-06_0102013-01-06_044 2013-01-06_016 2013-01-06_014 2013-01-06_0132013-01-06_051a 2013-01-06_051 2013-01-06_0492013-01-06_0452013-01-06_0482013-01-06_053 2013-01-06_052a 2013-01-06_0522013-01-06_056 2013-01-06_0552013-01-06_063 2013-01-06_062 2013-01-06_059 2013-01-06_058 2013-01-06_0572013-01-06_070 2013-01-06_069 2013-01-06_066 2013-01-06_065 2013-01-06_064 2013-01-06_0462013-01-06_00712013-01-06_0722013-01-06_0732013-01-06_075All images © Morgan Wiltshire Photography

25 thoughts on “Apple of my eye

  1. Great pictures, great dress and an amazing location! Hopefully, you’ll reach all your goals this year that we’re starting now! xx

  2. Wonderful shots and great creativity… so tell us whats with the Apple? I would love to see some of those in selective colour.

  3. Lovely photos Morgan, I love your dress!
    I would also like to get some photos of me done, but my other half isn’t really interested in photography, so it will be a self-portrait project I think.
    Good luck with your goal in 2013! 🙂

  4. Wow. That mist, what luck! The forest was just exquis, and the apple was a really cool “color pop” that really added some fun (and mystery) to the photos. Incredible! 🙂

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