Imperfect – An old black and white film

We all like to be thought of as progressive, forward-thinking and relevant but there’s something alluring about the past. It’s not everything about what we once were that we choose to remember, to hang on to, but the important things. Even if sometimes the memory is better than the reality. Rose-tinted glasses lend a certain nostalgic power.

As things in our lives are replaced by newer and more advanced technologies, we can’t help but cling on to the past. Even today, people actively seek out classic films, books, movie posters. Perhaps it’s because, in this age of endless progress and changing fashions, we ourselves don’t want to be forgotten. When we’re gone, we’ll be the past, we’ll no longer be relevant and we’ll have lost our voice.

We may not be around, and we may not be remembered for everything we once were. That doesn’t mean we can’t achieve anything worthwhile or leave our own impression. Like an imperfect, fading photo from an old black and white film we’ll be silent yet still make a little noise.

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