The curious case of the human beings

Us humans can be so expressive. Some wear their heart on their sleeve, whilst others leave you guessing. Luckily, guessing is something we all like to do, as by our very nature we’re a curious bunch.

It starts in childhood, where we want to know everything about everything…and everyone. I think that’s why I, and many others, are so drawn to photos of people. If there is a person in the frame, you immediately look to them.You want to know what’s going on and what they’re thinking.

Black and white photography seems to add an even greater level of intrigue. Demanding more of the viewer who, in the absence of colour, is able to focus more on the finer details and hidden intricacies of the photo. Where you might otherwise be distracted by bright blue sky, your eyes are instead drawn to the curious expression on a person’s face. Art imitates life.

10 thoughts on “The curious case of the human beings

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