Autumnal delights (and a new camera!)

Raining, cold, blustery and just generally dull. The weather this morning wasn’t exactly the best to go and try out my new camera. But with some lovely autumnal colours on the trees and 61 autofocus points to choose from, I can’t complain!

10 thoughts on “Autumnal delights (and a new camera!)

    • Thanks Andrea! Haven’t used it much, but i’m very impressed so far! I’ve been using the 5Dmkii which isn’t too shabby either. I’ll be sure to put a post up with more photos soon. x

  1. I’m jealous. My Mark II is getting a little long in the tooth. But I’ll never say anything bad about it (well maybe AF could be better). Look forward to seeing what you shoot with it. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Morgan, love your photos – how do you get such a shallow depth of field on photos like the one with the conker shell and leaf? I can get a blurred background in my shots but really struggle blurring the foreground too!

  3. Lovely autumn photos. One of these days I hope to own a Mark III, but they’ll probably be at Mark XII when that time comes. Thanks for the like of my post “Clear Above Not Ahead shot with a Canon Rebel Xsi.

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