La Santa, Baby – Lava and sport in Lanzarote

I’ve just got back from our annual trip to Club La Santa in Lanzarote. It’s a sports resort packed with great facilities where you can spend the whole time working up a sweat under the Canarian sun. Most people always think it sounds like their idea of hell, but it’s really the most relaxing holiday…honest!

We did take a short break from cycling, running, swimming and all of the other activities in order to take in some of the sights of the north of the island. It’s a striking vista of volcanic creation and destruction, surrounded by brilliant blue sea and thunderous waves.

Particular highlights were the creations of famous artist Cesar Manrique. These included the Mirador Del Rio which offers sweeping views from the cliff tops overlooking La Graciosa, the Jameos Del Agua with its shaded pool full of blind white crabs, and the spectacular Cueva De Los Verdes which consist of huge lava tunnels illuminated with incredible lighting and music.

It’s a small island, but it is one of the most magnificent landscapes I’ve ever seen. Even driving around is spectacular, especially driving through the lava lakes around the jaw-dropping Timanfaya National Park. Next time you’re feeling sporty, or just fancy taking in some incredible volcanic terrain, Lanzarote is definitely worth a look.

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