Love is all a boat

Without really realising it, it’s been quite a boat filled summer. Not a reference to the endless rain, requiring the building of an Ark, but instead to some of the more enjoyable moments of the year.

Firstly, we were all treated to an awesome display by the fantastic Anna Watkins in the Olympic rowing. I’ve known Anna since we were young and she really has done brilliantly. She’s one of the nicest people you could hope to meet and came back to her home town to be greeted by thousands of proud well-wishers. Her smile was a bright as her medal, truly the golden girl.

I was also lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding in Oxford, with a reception at the lovely Cherwell Boat House. The bride, also a talented rower, was stunning. The groom was handsome and the speeches were brilliant. Sipping champagne whilst people took punts out on the water in the sunshine rounded off a fantastic day. Dan and Siân, we wish you both the very best for your happy future together!

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