The Summer/Fall fears

With the wettest Summer for over 100 years, it’s been a bit of a washout for those of us wanting to get out and about taking pictures. In fact, it’s now all but over with Autumn waiting to turn the leaves gold and red. Luckily, the weather over the past few days has seen something of a resurgence. I spent a lovely weekend in Oxford (pictures to follow), before having the chance to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen all year.

Firstly, golden hour didn’t disappoint as it bathed the landscape in a warm glow. Then, in an eruption of apocalyptic red, the sun painted the sky. It was a show-stopper, or more accurately a traffic-stopper as motorbikes and sports cars pulled up next to me to watch the sun’s spectacle. “It’s not bad, that” said a passing cyclist. You’re correct sir, it most certainly is not.

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