Cycle Ops – Take it to the streets

Two things I love – cycling and street photography. For me, however, they’ve had a volatile relationship and they don’t necessarily get on. People on bikes are always great to photograph but they have, on occasion, gotten a little too close to my camera or me.

They’re not always the ones at fault. Recently in Berlin I was taking some photos of the tram rails below when a poor girl rode around me, got wedged in the tracks and fell head first over the bars. I felt a little guilty, but also a little relieved that it’s not all one way traffic…

I’ve always loved exploring cities on a bike, and equally I love exploring them with my lens. Sadly, unless I invest in the same contraption as the fellow in the last photo, I don’t think I’ll be able to do them both.

16 thoughts on “Cycle Ops – Take it to the streets

  1. you take such amazing photos (makes me even more pleased you liked my amateur attempt at urban photography!!). you really seem to be able to capture the soul of a place. lovely.

  2. This is an amazing set of photos. I loved Berlin and it breaks my heart that I can’t just hop on a plane to be there again! Thanks for giving me a little sense of armchair travel all the way from the US 🙂

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