Where would you go?

We all like to think we will go adventuring one day, to go on a voyage of discovery in a distant land. To find new places, meet new people, live a new life. Maybe it’s just the thought, the idea which fills us with excitement. It’s a powerful thing, possibility. The thing that makes you say “We definitely need to go back there one day”. Maybe you never will, but someday you just might.

It’s in us all, the need for adventure and discovery. To open Pandora’s box and see what’s hidden within. We’re driven to make our lifetimes memories and to define ourselves. We don’t want to be our job title, or the clothes we wear. Not really. We want to be disturbed in the night by the boy who never grew up. We want Neverland.

Curiosity can be a virtue; it may have killed the cat, but that cat led nine full lives.

I love to fuel the wanderlust, to plan the trip I’ll someday take. So what’s your favourite place you’ve ever been to? Maybe it was half way round the world or maybe it was on your doorstep…

19 thoughts on “Where would you go?

  1. Look at all the places you’ve been! Beautiful images. I can’t pinpoint one place in particular…I just know I want to keep traveling and each place I go to leads to more dreams and wanderlust.

  2. Your photos are so stunning! I’m amazed at all the places you’ve been. I went on a three weeks trip to Germany and Italy in June, but your post makes me just want to travel even more. 🙂

  3. All your posts should be freshly pressed, you are that good 🙂
    As for my favorite place, I’d probably say South Africa… we went to watch the world cup, but it ended up being a much more rewarding journey in terms of self growth 🙂

  4. Amazing photos!

    Favourite places I’ve been to include Nepal, New York Florence, Cairo and Paris – yet everywhere has such an amazing charm to it (though strangely the only place I haven’t loved is Milan).

    Today I just booked a trip to go to Berlin and leaving from Madrid. Probably go to Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Tuscany, Naples, Marseilles/Nice, Barcelona and Madrid. Any recommendations would be great!

    • Sounds like you’ve seen some amaxing sights! They’re all places I’d love to visit. Berlin was great, although I didn’t quite have enough time to do everything I wanted. I’d like to have explored a little more to find some more of the great street art (like the Kunsthaus Tacheles ) and abandoned places (like the spreepark ). I’d hoped to visit the Beelitz Heilstatten outside of Berlin which looks well worth a visit if you have the time.

  5. I’d have to categorize (favorite cities, favorite natural places, etc.). But I’d have to say the best place I’ve ever checked out fully by living there for awhile is Alaska. But if you asked me where I’d live right now if I had the chance, it’d be the Big Island. Two places I’d like to try living are Malawi & Japan.

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