Cycle Ops – Take it to the streets

Two things I love – cycling and street photography. For me, however, they’ve had a volatile relationship and they don’t necessarily get on. People on bikes are always great to photograph but they have, on occasion, gotten a little too close to my camera or me. They’re not always the ones at fault. Recently in Berlin […]

Where would you go?

We all like to think we will go adventuring one day, to go on a voyage of discovery in a distant land. To find new places, meet new people, live a new life. Maybe it’s just the thought, the idea which fills us with excitement. It’s a powerful thing, possibility. The thing that makes you say “We definitely need to […]

Freshly pressed to in press

I’ve been honoured this week to see my travel photography of Morocco featured in a high street magazine. When my post Moroccan Roll was freshly pressed in April, I was approached by Homes & Gardens magazine. They were interested in using my photos, and I was only too happy to oblige! I feel incredibly honoured […]