Night on the mountain – mist opportunity

Things don’t always go to plan as a photographer. I had decided to camp on Mount Snowdon for the night with a view to getting, well, a view. I read the weather report which advised it would be a clear night. Sunset, sunrise and the night sky awaited me. I was a visionary, what could possibly go wrong?

When I arrived at the summit around 5.30pm, it was mostly clouded over. I had been informed by the weather man, and he’s never wrong, that it would be clear from 8.30pm allowing for a glorious view of the sunset. As it turned out, I got a couple of minutes of cloud break in which to snap a few shots (not the best with a condensation covered lens), before being drowned in misty soup. No sunset, no sunrise, no night sky. Just cloud, rain and the looming greyness.

It was cold, wet and thanks to a constant stream of fell runners, noisy. One chap, let’s call him Russell McRustler, set up what sounded like a carrier bag testing facility immediately next to my tent. I contemplated retrieving King Arthur’s sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, said to be in Lake Glaslyn on the mountain, and silencing him with it.

I had no sleep, got few usable photos and had the ever-present threat of sheep attack. It may not have been the photographic adventure I had hoped for, but if everything goes to plan then it isn’t an adventure at all. Besides, it was fun…in a manner of speaking!

5 thoughts on “Night on the mountain – mist opportunity

  1. Top marks for effort though, and you got some lovely shots at least. I did much the same maaaany years ago when I was studying there, long before I was capable of taking a decent picture; endured a sleepless night with my trusty (ahem) cheap film camera and was rewarded with an awesome sunrise. Fortunately I *remember* it well, as the images were terrible! 😉

  2. Ah, British weather, you can rely on it not to be reliable. I once spent three days in Skye completely shrouded in mist, with everyone telling me “There’s a GREAT view here… on a clear day”. My own walk up Snowden wasn’t much better, although at least i didn’t have to suffer a noisy night’s camping as well.

    You still caught many great photos though. I particularly like the damp train tracks and the shots through the clouds to the hills below.

  3. Some really great shots. All my Snowdon shots were taken in 1963 in black and white with an Halina 35x and it was clear then……….. but then they say the climate has changed. 🙂 I like shots 18, 19, 25 and then I lost count…. perhaps it was 39 of the rack track.

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