Between a rock and a herd place

One evening this week, it seemed that the clouds might just be breaking up and letting the sun through. There was still the omnipresent threat of heavy rain, but I decided it was worth the risk and headed to a higher vantage point.

Living so close to the Peak District has its advantages, and I was soon high up with a view of the confused sky all around me. I knew that there were better views the higher I went, so found myself racing the sun to the summit of the highest hill. Startled sheep and wind-striped rocks soon gave way to a panoramic view of grey cloud and dappled golden sunset. Not a bad view as you stop to catch your breath.

6 thoughts on “Between a rock and a herd place

  1. Thanks for visiting and ‘liking’ my latest post 🙂

    Some superb pics in this post – I make excuses when the light isn’t so good, you make good images instead 🙂 Well done!

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