Life on Mars

I’ve always had a fascination with volcanoes. Their absolute power to destroy and create. They can lay waste to entire populations, or emerge from the ocean as new lands.

I regularly visit Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, which has a spectacular volcanic landscape. I’m setting my sights on more active regions now, hoping to be able to capture some images of eruptions in Hawaii and Iceland.

I’ve not booked my flights there just yet, but I will be back in Lanzarote this September. They say an eruption in the Canary Islands is long overdue, so I’ll be sure to grab my camera if the ground starts to tremble…

11 thoughts on “Life on Mars

  1. I love Lanzarote also, it really does feel like an alien landscape. Did you know they even once shot a Doctor Who episode there for that reason! You’ve captured it beautifully. I was there before I started taking my photography seriously, so didn’t really have a camera up to the task, but I hope to be back one day.

    I adore Iceland too and cannot recommend it highly enough. I don’t have any active volcano shots unfortunately, but you can get an idea of the amazing landscape in summer and winter at

  2. First, i watched the BBC episode on the Galapagos then this set! quadruple wow!!!!! Beautiful structures!!!!

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