Spray it, don’t say it

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was struck by the quality and quantity of the street art. From the high-profile Berlin Wall art such as that along the East Side Gallery, to the atmospheric artist’s squat at the Kunsthaus Tacheles and the impressive graffiti depictions adorning alleyways, railway lines and derelict buildings. I mentioned in my previous post, […]

Night on the mountain – mist opportunity

Things don’t always go to plan as a photographer. I had decided to camp on Mount Snowdon for the night with a view to getting, well, a view. I read the weather report which advised it would be a clear night. Sunset, sunrise and the night sky awaited me. I was a visionary, what could possibly […]

48 hours in Berlin

I’ve just got back from a hectic couple of days in the German capital. I spent most of my time, camera in hand, rushing from  place to place to try to see all that this eclectic city has to offer. From the imposing grandeur of the Brandenburg Gate and the Bundestag, to the sobering fracture of the […]