Follow and you will be followed

I entered the world of WordPress one year ago. I tentatively dipped my toe in the water and decided to share my photography with the world…or some distant corner of the world wide web at least.

I studied the themes and layouts, sorted through my images and designed my first posts. I don’t know what I expected to happen. Maybe I’d be insulted, completely ignored or asked to leave the internet. Maybe I shouldn’t even try. In the end I closed my eyes and blogged. What awaited me when I opened them again were likes, comments, even followers!

I was inspired, hooked in by more and more response from lovely people whose blogs were so interesting and varied. I found myself reading more and more of other people’s posts, liking and following to share that notification high!

Things were going well, and then in September…woah! Why have all the people in the world been looking at my blog? I’ve been freshly pressed…I’m orange juice!

I’ve pressed on (ahem), endeavouring to try to post at least once a week. I find myself thinking of things to do in my spare time that will give me a blog post. Some weeks it’s tough and I end up staring at a post entitled ‘Stuff and things’ with no idea of what to include. Then I start clicking around. What’s been freshly pressed this week? What have the people I’m following been doing with themselves? Then the creative juices begin to flow once more.

So a year in, I’m hooked. I’ve blogged about weddings, the weather, people, places, animals, artwork, holidays and even cemeteries. I love to connect with my followers and find myself wondering what certain individuals might like about my latest post. I love discovering new blogs to follow. Here’s to another 12 months, 414 followers, 29000 views and new people to connect with. Here’s to us, blogging people!

The landscapes:

The weddings:

The seasons:

The places:

The people:

22 thoughts on “Follow and you will be followed

  1. What a fantastic portfolio of pics on this blog! Love them all. hard to pic a fave but the ones that stuck out for me were the poppies and daisies – so pretty, the surfer on the rocks, and the portrait of the man with blue scarf towards the end 🙂 Congrats!

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