Morocco – Monkeys, mountains and the Medina

I knew Morocco was a vibrant place, but nothing could have prepared me for the assault on the senses that awaited me when I arrived in Marrakech. What struck me (other than the moped which nearly broke my camera), was the overwhelming activity of the place. It was constantly evolving. From 6am to past midnight, there was always plenty going on.

Our centre of calm amongst the chaos, was the wonderfully tranquil Riad Khabia. Our very courteous host Julien told us how to find our way around over a pot of mint tea, before he showed us to the famous Place d’Jemaa el-Fna. Then he pointed us towards the souks and we were on our own. We had a map…it didn’t help.

We were lost quite a lot of the time, but we were always entertained and surprised. Everything there is interesting, so you find yourself wondering towards the various sights, sounds and smells. I found myself pointing my camera at everything, which resulted in demands for payment if there happened to be a man with a monkey or a snake charmer in shot. Luckily, they weren’t what I wanted to photograph most of the time.

We also headed to the coast, the High Atlas mountains and the desert. They were no less surprising, with a hail storm in the desert, lighting over snow-capped peaks and a rock-slide taking out the bus in front of us. Amongst all of the excitement, crazy traffic, being lost and the uncertainty of the place there is one thing of which I’m sure. We will definitely be going back!

36 thoughts on “Morocco – Monkeys, mountains and the Medina

  1. I think this series of photographs are my favourite of yours so far.. they are just stunning and give back so much of Morocco, you can almost hear the sounds, smell the air, and get immersed in the crowds!
    By the way, have you got any tips on taking photos of the locals? How close up do you go to them?

    • Thank you very much. They weren’t massively keen, lots of hands over faces and turning away. I adopted a strategy of pointing my camera somewhere and waiting for people to wander in shot. I did pay a couple of people, but one cheeky man who tried to demand 200 Dirhams for one photo put me off that approach!

  2. Very nicely written post and inspiring pictures. Morocco is a place I would love to visit and your rendition of it has confirmed this wish of mine.

  3. I’m glad i found this blog! Morocco looks amazing, might have to be my next destination! Your photo’s are inspiring, They give me a goal of what to work towards in my own photo’s

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  5. Hi Morgan,I have long been a admirer of your photography and I first saw these images a couple of years ago. I am now sat on a coach from Marakesh to Essaouira with my wife and we are browsing your images once again. Still totally inspiring we are really looking forward to exploring and capturing our story here, thanks for sharing such beautiful images.

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