Moroccan Roll

It’s been a month since I arrived back from Morocco and I think I’ve just about recovered! In my first post, Monkeys mountains and the Medina, I mentioned that everything in this diverse, vibrant place was enchanting and beautiful. As a result, I thought I should probably share a few more of my 4000+ photos. […]

I sky, with my little eye…

As I was looking out of the window today, raindrops streaking down the pane, I looked at the sky and started to think about how much goes on up there. Even amongst the grey gloom, it managed to look dramatic and multi-dimensional. I looked back over some of my landscape shots and came to the conclusion that […]

Paris with splashes of colour

I visited Paris in 2007 armed with my first ever digital SLR. There’s always a great sense of expectation about Paris. The city of lovers, art and food. The city is almost blasé in the way it meets and exceeds these expectations. It’s as if it’s not even trying. But then it doesn’t need to. […]