Alexander Graham Bell suggested people might use ‘ahoy’ as a greeting when answering the telephone. That may not have caught on, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be disappointed if he could see how significant the telephone had become in people’s everyday lives.

I was walking through some woods in Rugby last weekend, and I came across a series of telegraph poles in a clearing which disappeared off into the distance. I stopped and thought about how many millions of miles of cable, and how much effort went into creating a telecommunications network we all take for granted.

So much of how we interact, work and educate ourselves relies upon these simple cables we see outside of our windows. Just today I got to shoot a vintage hen party (photos coming soon), for which I was booked through Twitter, via the internet, thanks to the great big poles stretching their way down the road. So next time you pass an inanimate telegraph pole, why not say ‘ahoy’ and think about everything it helps us to achieve.


3 thoughts on “Ahoy!

  1. I really like the shots that include the moon, looks like such a small detail, but it makes a big difference. Beautiful shots!

  2. Thanks for posting these! Just yesterday I was cursing power lines and how they can often interfere with an otherwise perfectly good photograph! Glad to see these to put me back into perspective!

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