The printing press

When I got my first camera, a Canon AE-1, I remember how excited I was when I got to see the results emerge in the darkroom. I still have some of my earliest photos. Sure they weren’t technically very good, but it felt special looking at my images in print.

I decided to get some prints done recently to hang on the walls of my home. When they arrived and I studied them from corner to corner, I was inspired all over again. These days our favourite images are used in a slide show, on a desktop wallpaper or in a digital photo frame. Our wonderful images rarely exist in anything but a memory card or hard drive.

I wouldn’t change digital for the world, as it enables me to learn and to share my images, to enjoy and be inspired by other people’s from all over the world. I have fallen back in love with printing though, so my walls may get a little more coverage than I had initially planned. I never was very good at hanging wallpaper anyway!

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