Sheep in the mist

I’ve always loved heading out in the snow, there’s something childlike and magical about it. This afternoon I headed out for a walk after a blanket of snow descended overnight. I decided to head out through the countryside before ending up at a lakeside cafe for a well deserved mug of hot chocolate. Along the way I saw plenty of animals all looking bemused and unimpressed by the white stuff. Obviously snowball fights and snow angels don’t share their appeal with other creatures.

Several miles later I arrived at the cafe to find it was closed due to the weather! It was then I felt an empathy with the sheep I had seen, hoofing at the snow to find some sustenance. All was not lost when I stumbled across a country pub with an open fire and some delicious cake. Warmed up and belly full, I headed back along the now misty country lanes to enjoy the snow once more before it melts away…

13 thoughts on “Sheep in the mist

  1. I was just looking at your blues! I took similar shots of seedheads on Sunday and my blues are almost like the deep blues of the old cyanograph prints – you can see some of them over on my blog – whereas yours are the pretty pale blues of delft china. Both are equally stunning, but it’s just interesting to compare the different qualities and feelings that the two blues give.

    I, too, love your telephone box!

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