A lighter perspective

As a photographer, light and perspective are two of my most important considerations. I nearly said allies, but that isn’t strictly true! Light, in particular, can be as troublesome as it is helpful. Bright sunlight, strong shadows and even passing headlights can blow out a crucial shot. Equally, choosing the wrong perspective or focal point for a photograph can give you the picture you didn’t want.

Fortunately I’ve been through this learning curve, as I’m sure most photographers have, and become increasingly aware of their importance in my photography. I’ve even at times welcomed the effects of an intrusive light source, or chosen to try a different perspective. I love reviewing my pictures after using a long shutter speed, or switching my focus between shots, and being surprised at what’s been captured. Using sunlight, street light, headlights, moonlight, low light and even lightning on one occasion! It doesn’t always work, but it does offer plenty of what I love about photography…fun!

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