The fruit, the palm and the moon

Our recent holiday to Lanzarote started off as a real adventure, driving through the fire mountains at night with no map, no street lights and only the moon to guide us! Even by moonlight the landscape was stunning, although I did wish Simon would spend more time concentrating driving on the right side of the road!

Waking up to see it by daylight didn’t disappoint either and exploring was a lot less treacherous when you could see where you were going. This wasn’t necessarily the case for the surfers, more on that in the coming weeks.

The week was jam-packed with sports and activities of all kinds, one of my favourite being trekking up Pico Partido volcano in Timanfaya National Park. We were told by the guide, Jose Luis, about how the sea of lava reclaimed the land. It was certainly impressive and being told that if we fell into a lava tube we would never be found sure added to the excitement!

Along the way we were told about the culture of Lanzarote. My favourite was the fact that when a child is born it is tradition to plant one palm tree for a boy and two for a girl. Aside from the palm trees and a plant which apparently can be smoked in the absence of tobacco, we were told about the only fruit native to Lanzarote, the fig (simply known as ‘the fruit’ to the locals).

We also had our first stab at creating a time-lapse video, a stunning sunset. We have now completed the video, which can be viewed on my post The rise and fall of a photographer’s sun.

98 thoughts on “The fruit, the palm and the moon

  1. I love the pictures of the waves and the moon. I recently bought a camera with my winnings from the casino before I lost it and the impetus was the moon hiding behind clouds (I love the look when you can see the illumunination of the riming of the light & clouds). . .and am trying to learn how to use it. I even purchased an add on long lense. Your photos are amazing. Congrats on being FP’d. If I can come even close to being even half as good at photography as you are I would be humbled!

  2. Nice photos – makes me want to visit Lanzarote! My favorite of your photos here is the evening shot with the lit buildings and the moon – great lighting!

  3. What a validating tradition to plant palm trees in honor of the children born. I discover solace in that most human quality, imagination. Great light paintings! Congrats on FP

  4. The photos are so pretty! The last one is especially beautiful because of the clouds and how the sun plays against the mountains. Makes me wish I was there! 😉

  5. Well, you stated in your personal that you wanted your pictures to tell the truth in an ethereal way…job well done!

  6. Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed”! I love your pictures.
    Great job.
    If you want to see some romanian landscape pictures just check my tourofromania blog 😀

    • When you increase the shutter speed, it freezes motion. There are photos of waterfalls that actually blur the motion so it looks more flowing and smooth. I believe changing the f-stop on the camera can have an affect on the motion as well. But it’s mostly the shutter speed. :]

  7. Congratulations on your Freshly Pressed 🙂

    Great photos, and the Canary Islands are great favorites of ours too. Living in Scotland, we are usually desperate for some sunshine by the New Year.

  8. I think the wide set landscape photos are great. The one with the moon (second image down) is very impressive. Good to see landscape photos with great colours, dusk lighting brings out the best.. Well done on Freshly Pressed.

  9. Stunning photos. Isn’t it such an experience to drive around at night with only the moon to guide you? Sounds so romantic!

    And I LOVE palm trees, so the idea of having a palm tree planted in my honor sounds great lol.

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