Tales from Oxford with Armstrong & Miller

Exploring new places is one my favourite things to do, and last November Simon and myself explored Oxford together. We arrived quite late after driving through hairy country roads in the dark avoiding deer, to stay at Eynsham Hall, a grade II listed building in the Oxfordshire countryside. As we were at such an amazing venue we used the opportunity to take some portraits using Simon as my wonderful model.

The next day we explored Oxford, through the winding streets, historic buildings and colleges, pretending I could fit in with my intellectual know how, and finding some hidden gems along the way.

One of those hidden gems being Armstrong and Miller. I may have got a little excited at seeing Ben Miller on the side of the street and started talking in a fast high-pitched voice that only the dogs can here. “eek!… that was someone famous, it’s Ben Miller!”  They just happened to be in Oxford doing a book signing at Waterstones for their new book ‘The Armstrong and Miller Book’. There was some local press taking pictures, so I whipped out the camera and got some great shots. I’m going to start a new line of work as paparazzi!

There was some fantastic light in the morning, with the mist rolling over the grounds of Eynsham Hall.Quirky little shop selling all sorts of random things.One of the images we took at night, lit with just the car headlights. It has quite an atmospheric feel to it and a handsome model.

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