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Hi everyone!

You can now visit my new website and blog, Morgan Rana Photography. I’m very happy with the way it looks and I’ll be posting on there from now on. Be sure to update your Bookmarks and your RSS Feeds to stay updated!

Aaron & Shila, 1st June 2014, Stubton Hall

Beckii & Ian – Pre-wedding shoot at Chorlton Water Park

I absolutely adore this couple! We got together a few months ago to do their pre-wedding shoot at Chorlton Water Park on what was a perfect summers day. The morning was spent wandering around the park, through the woods and the grasslands chatting about their upcoming wedding. They were an absolute pleasure to photograph and I will be sharing their wedding photos very soon. Watch this space for one amazing wedding!!

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Summer Days ~ Portraits with Natalie

I have been busy this summer with lots of new work, this a portrait shoot I did with the lovely Natalie who runs her own business called Magpies Vintage, she has a passion for recycling old & forgotten vintage industrial furnishings & lighting. She willingly stepped in front of my camera and I am so happy she did! It was a perfect summers day spent taking beautiful pictures, couldn’t ask for anything better.

2013-06-02_002 2013-06-02_005 2013-06-02_006 2013-06-02_008 2013-06-02_009 2013-06-02_010 2013-06-02_011 2013-06-02_012 2013-06-02_013 2013-06-02_015 2013-06-02_017 2013-06-02_019 2013-06-02_020 2013-06-02_021 2013-06-02_022 2013-06-02_0242013-06-02_034 2013-06-02_025 2013-06-02_027 2013-06-02_029 2013-06-02_0362013-06-02_031 2013-06-02_033


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