A holiday with a difference…

We recently returned from a trip away, a holiday with a difference. We stayed at a sports resort in Lanzarote for a week as I am currently training for the Virgin Active London Triathlon taking place on 28th July. I am taking part in an Olympic distance triathlon which consists of a 1.5km swim, a […]

In Summery

I’m ready for Summer. I love all of the seasons but Summer is definitely my favourite. It’s warm (in theory), bright and the days used to feel like they’d last forever. Summers seem much briefer now though than when I was growing up. I’m usually busy working, having to grab a few fleeting moments of […]

Pass on your passion

Forgive me for I have sinned. This is my first post since my last a month ago. My hands have not been idle, I promise. Plenty of photos coming soon. In the meantime, whilst flicking through some photos of mosques and churches, I’ve been thinking about the impact of religion upon our lives. By association […]


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